Bell Boots & Over reach Boots

 Horse Bell Boot - E001014

Product parameters
Name Horse Bell Boot
Model Number E001014
Type horse boot
Feature Ecofriendly
Material Rubber
Spec. S/M/L
Color Black, Red, Green, Pink , Blue etc.
Weight 149g/S, 158/M, 167g/L
Brand Enolle
Place of Origin Xiamen, China
Product description

Horse Bell Boot - E001014


1) Bell boots are usually worn to prevent overreaching (when the horse "grabs" his front heels with the toes of his back feet, resulting in injury).

2) If the horse is wearing, to protect him from accidentally injuring himself with the stud of the opposing hoof.

3) We are equestrian equipment supplier.

Sizes: S/M/L
Weight: S/149g, M/158g, L/167g
Material: 100%Rubber
Color: Black

Services Offered: Packaging / Shipping, Just-In-Time Capability
Certifications/Quality: ISO 9001:2008

  Location: Xiamen, China
Please be informed that pictures of rubber product samples included in this catalog may differ slightly from their real products in shade, tint or hue.

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