Stable Equipment

  Plastic Dustpan Set - E086001

Product parameters
Name Plastic Dustpan
Model Number E086001
Type Horse Accessory
Feature Ecofriendly
Material Plastic
Spec. 30*35.5*96.7cm
Color Black
Weight 1000g
Brand Enolle
Place of Origin Xiamen, China
Product description

Plastic Dustpan - E086001


1) A cleaning and easy method of removing droppings from stable, box or yard.

2) Durable and lightweight design, powerful.

3) Steel handles with comfy grip hanging hole for easy storage.

4) Smoothie dustpan hugs the floor for flawless pickup.

Material: Plastic/ Steel
Spec.: 30*35.5*96.7cm
Color: Black
Weight: 1000g

Service: Material Selection, Packaging / Shipping, Just-In-Time Capability
Certification: ISO 9001:2008
Location: Xiamen, China

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