Stable Equipment

 Rubber Covered Stall Chain - E085001

Product parameters
Name Rubber Stall Chain
Model Number E085001
Type Horse Accessory
Feature Ecofriendly
Material Rubber / Steel
Spec. 52 inch
Weight 1078g
Color Black, Red, Green, Baby Blue, Baby Pink,etc.
Brand Enolle
Place of Origin Xiamen, China
Product description

Rubber Covered Stall Chain : Rubber Stall Guard - E085001


1) The horse Stable Hardware designed to go across the stable doorway to enable you to leave the door open whilst the horse is in there, to prevent them from absconding.
2) This is so that you can duck in and out without having to bother opening and closing doors.
3) The rubber part is durable with an OD. =10 inches. There are 4 stall chains with a O ring and bird hook, easy to use and very strong.

Material: Rubber, Steel
Spec.: 52 inches (For rubber part:33 inches; Stall Chain:10 inches per side)
Color: Black, Red, Baby blue, Green, Pink, Purple etc.

Service Offered: Material Selection, Packing/Shipping, and Just-In-Time Capability.
Certifications/Quality: ISO 9001:2008
Location: Xiamen, China
Remark: Please be informed that pictures of rubber product samples included in this catalog may differ slightly from their real products in shade, tint or hue.

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