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 Horse Hoof Boot - E002011

Product parameters
Name Rubber Hoof Boot
Model Number E002011
Type Horse Protector
Feature Ecofriendly
Material Rubber
Spec. XS/S/M/L/XL
Color Black
Weight XS-383g,S-411g,M-420g,L-500g,XL-539g
Brand Enolle
Place of Origin Xiamen, China
Product description

Horse Hoof Boot - E002011

The Barrier Boot is a temporary long or short term replacement for horseshoes. It allows the horse to go unshod, protecting the hoof from cracks, chips, and sole bruising. The simple pull-on fit is easy and requires no tools. Underneath, the boot has a practical, durable horseshoe shape allowing the hoof wall normal contact with the ground. This feature is especially useful for flat footed horses. The Barrier boot stays secure with a strong (and again, easy) nylon strap without damaging the hoof wall. The boot can be trimmed around the coronet area to accommodate hoof length and shape. A degree pad can be fitted inside the boot for horses who require them.

Feature: With Web Straps
Material: 100% Rubber, Web Straps
Color: Black
Size: 00-XS, 0-S, 1-M, 2-L, 3-XL
Weight: XS-380g, S-411g, M-420g, L-500g, XL-539g.

Services Offered: Packaging / Shipping, Just-In-Time Capability
Certifications/Quality: ISO 9001:2008
Location: Xiamen, China
Remark: Please be informed that pictures of product samples included in this catalog may differ slightly from their real products in shade, tint or hue.

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