Rein Accessories

 Rubber Rein Tube - E050012

Product parameters
Name Rein Tube
Model Number E050012
Type Rein Accessory
Feature Ecofriendly
Material Rubber
Spec. 1*36"
Color Assorted
Weight 109g
Brand Enolle
Place of Origin Xiamen, China
Product description

Rubber Rein Tube - E050012 

1) Instead of leather inside the rubber there is web, which makes the reins much softer and easier to hold, Much less bulky and chunky, and a lot of flexible.
2) Great for being able to wrap the reins around your hands for grip if your horse is a litter strong/ sweaty out hunting!
Material: 100% rubber
Color: Come in a variety of fashion colors
Spec: 1" * 36"
Weight: 109g (Different color, the weight of the product would be deviation)

Services Offered: Packaging / Shipping, Just-In-Time Capability
Certifications/Quality: ISO 9001:2008

Location: Xiamen, China
Remark: Please be informed that pictures of rubber product samples included in this catalog may differ slightly from their real products in shade, tint or hue.

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