Rein Accessories

 Rubber Rein Tube - E050014

Product parameters
Name Rein Tube
Model Number E050014
Type Rein Accessory
Feature Ecofriendly
Material Rubber
Spec. 5/8*26"
Color Assorted
Weight 57g
Brand Enolle
Place of Origin Xiamen, China
Product description

Rubber Rein Tube - E050014

1) Apply to rubber rein, work as horse riding equipment,
2) Instead of leather inside the rubber there is web, which makes the reins much softer and easier to hold, Much less bulky and chunky, and a lot of flexible.
3) Great for being able to wrap the reins around your hands for grip if your horse is a litter strong/ sweaty out hunting!

Spec.: 5/8" * 26"
Weight: 57g
Material: 100% Rubber
Color: Come in a variety of fashion colors

Services Offered: Packaging / Shipping, Just-In-Time Capability.
Certifications/Quality: ISO 9001:2008

Location: Xiamen, China
Remark: Please be informed that pictures of rubber product samples included in this catalog may differ slightly from their real products in shade, tint or hue.

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